Friday, July 26, 2013

The Number One Reason for Big Man’s Bike Shorts

Big Man's Bike Shorts and Plus Size Women's Cyclewear Prove Essential

Never mind that these top of the line bike shorts contain moisture-wicking antibacterial material, and that fabric compression improves blood flow, increases circulation and reduces muscle soreness.

 The number one reason that cyclists choose to ride with padded shorts is to prevent chafing.  If you have ever gotten “saddle sore” then you can relate. Once those delicate areas become raw and tender they are further irritated by your every move.  Compound that with the additional problem of inner thigh friction from being overweight.

Without compression fabric for anti-friction or padding for easing pressure, cycling would be intolerable for bigger people.

For most of us this makes perfect sense while some may still consider padded bike shorts optional. However, for an obese or morbidly obese person wearing protective padding is essential to the quality of bicycling enjoyment.  As a weight loss camp operator, my success hinges on enabling a positive experience for the fitness and weight loss client during each and every activity session.  That is why I insist on providing the best padded cycling shorts for big men and women seeking weight loss through fitness. Success begins with being properly attired.

At Debra Stefan Fitness and Weight Loss Residence, clients stay for one to four months at a time. During this time they undergo a full schedule of daily activities in pursuit of fitness and weight loss goals. Cycling is at the top of the agenda. Single speed cruisers, mountain bikes, even industrial tricycles are used for a variety of conditioning progressions in a number of outdoor locations. Classified as a non-weight bearing fitness activity, cycling can be done even when you think you are too tired or too sore to do anything else. Low intensity riding or high intensity, continuity is the key to optimal results. Cycling lays the cornerstone of our daily schedule.

Cross-training with a variety of non-weight bearing exercise is essential for continued fitness and weight loss progress and exercise adherence. Weight-bearing activities such as walking, running, and hiking can cause joint stress, inflammation and setbacks in training. When weight-bearing or impact exercise is simply not an option, cycling becomes the most effective approach. Being properly attired before either indoor or outdoor cycling is preliminary.

All it takes is one incident of negligence to render rawness that makes mere walking a painful endeavor. This presents a two-fold concern. One is that of friction and the other is that of pressure.Compression fabric protects the inner thighs from rubbing or abrading the skin during movement.  Body weight pressure onto the small area of the bike seat takes time to build enough tissue density to withstand long bouts of pressure. Allow enough time for your body to become accustomed to this pressure.  Especially in the beginning, it will be vital to avoid too much too soon. 

The best advice for anyone involved in cycling activity is to wear padded bike shorts at all times.