Tuesday, October 15, 2013

The New Business Casual - Bike Shorts with Style!

He just wasn’t a spandex kind of guy.

A former cyclist in his trimmer, fitter days, Don never fancied himself to be a spandex-wearing guy. There was just no way could he bring himself to wear those shiny, tight-fitting shorts that bind above the knee. Now that he had over 160 Lbs. of excess weight to lose, it was absolutely out of the question for him to even consider. If wearing those shorts was a requirement, he would surely have to pass on the bicycling altogether. 

Style made the difference.
During the initial interview regarding his upcoming 30-day commitment at my fitness residence, I quickly realized that Don needed to get started with his first pair of BigMan Outlaw Bullet Mountain Bike Shorts by Aerotech Design Cyclewear. These shorts are a loose-fitting cargo style with roomy pockets and longer length.  The elastic waist with adjustable buckles and side waist stretch gusset guaranteed a good fit even after he lost over 25 Lbs. during his stay at my live-in weight loss residence. Over the 30 days of fitness, cycling remained a daily activity along with weight lifting and interval training.

Compare the ride.
His first day in residence started with a break-in ride without padded shorts. Of course, this strategy is a sure way to see the difference in cycling comfort once the shorts are introduced. The next ride was a longer one so I encouraged him to try out the cargo style padded shorts. He was impressed with the style and comfort even before the ride.

Over 200 miles in his first 30 days.
Don logged his 200th mile during the final ride before weigh in.  Mountain biking became his favorite recreational fitness activity. Getting saddle sore was no longer a challenge as his riding progressed and his weight dropped.

Style that he now calls “business casual.”
From the very first ride, Don had an entirely different impression about wearing padded bike shorts. The new style suited him so well that he could wear them on and off the bike. He says he sometimes wears them to work now and even felt comfortable wearing them in a business meeting.

Of course, that always opens the possibility of getting in a good ride. 

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