Sunday, August 4, 2013

Big Bike Shorts- Bigger Benefits for Men

Cycling is a linear movement pattern, i.e. the same repetitious action done without variation. This can cause friction between the legs and against the cycle seat if proper bike shorts aren't worn. 

For men, the big bonus is that cycle shorts also serve as an athletic supporter.

Return Venous Circulation Improved

Similar to compression stockings, the effect of bike shorts reduces muscle fatigue and soft tissue inflammation. Additionally, there is a special effect of aiding in the return venous blood flow from the lower extremities to improve overall circulation.

Extreme Morbidly Obese Cyclist
Benefits Weigh Heavily

Nowadays, moisture-wicking fabric keeps the cyclist cool and dry by enabling evaporation. Padded cycle shorts cushion delicate areas against pressure and body weight to provide comfort during cycling activity. All of these benefits weigh heavily in favor of cycling with proper shorts, particularly padded bike shorts.

Big Reasons for Big Shorts

The heavier the cyclist, the more imperative bike shorts become as standard apparel. Excess size means excess friction, perspiration, and seat pressure. Overweight people need cycling in any fitness program for weight loss whether indoor or outdoor cycling.

Reluctant Men Swear By Cycling Shorts

Men who are new to cycling can be reluctant to wear tight bike shorts. However, the snug fit and flexible fabric is what makes bike shorts effective for all the reasons stated. After trying a pair for just one big ride, even the most reluctant man can easily opt in for padded bike shorts.

Author’s Note: At my fitness and weight loss residence, I routinely deal with the most reluctant newcomers to cycling—the overweight. Once worn, Big Man’s Padded Bike Shorts resolve all arguments!